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Unbelievable turnaround! Our baby was sleeping through after 3 nights! Richelle was calm, confident, warm and friendly - the ultimate sleep angel. Our only regret is not getting onto her sooner!! ?? 

Jess S - August 2020

We would highly recommend Richelle... she helped our 22month old go from co-sleeping and multiple wakes each night, to back in his own cot and sleeping all night! Seriously life changing. 

Kristin J - July 2020

Couldn’t recommend Richelle enough! She helped us go from cosleeping, multiple wake ups at night and 20-40 minute days naps to sleeping in her own cot all night with only 1 sometimes no wake ups and 1.5-2hr day naps, our days are so much more predictable and enjoyable especially with all the extra sleep, so thankful!

Wanda S - July 2020

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Baby Won't Lie Down at Night?

Baby Won't Lie Down at Night?

So your baby has learned to stand up! Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! Having said that, a lot of babies run into a bit of an issue when they first learn to stand up; they haven’t learned to get back down yet. This can be an issue overnight, but I've got the solution.
Why You Shouldn't Use Sleep Contraptions

Why You Shouldn't Use Sleep Contraptions

There are all manner of sleep contraptions that promise to help get your child to sleep. Let me explain why, even though they may work, they're actually doing more harm than good in the long run.
How to Cope with Anxiety About Sleep Training

How to Cope with Anxiety About Sleep Training

So you’re on the fence about this whole, “teaching your baby to sleep,” thing. On the one hand, you know that sleep is essential for everyone in yo...

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