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Richelle is a miracle worker. My baby girl started waking up every hour and a half at around 4.5 months and was having trouble settling herself to sleep. After our initial consultant and the first night I implemented Richelle’s advice, there was an improvement immediately! Richelle was calm, confident and empathetic to our circumstances. I honestly loved how confident she was at our first meeting where she said she’d have my little one sleeping well at night in a couple of days. Richelle’s daily follow up allows you to discuss the day before and provides advice which sometimes is the tiniest tweak that makes the world of difference. I cannot recommend Richelle enough! She has not only taught my daughter and us great habits but our girl is much happier!

Shamini Rajarethnam  (CEO, Rationale)

I found Richelle on instagram and after a few people recommended her.  My gut told me that she was the one. From the moment I contacted her and she responded instantly (no mum likes to wait) I knew this was going to be a great relationship. Our first phone call, I had a weight lifted off my shoulder just from that chat.  Richelle arrived at my home for our sleep stay and just as her voice on the phone, she was as warm and comforting in person. She got to meet my family, she listened and gave us options on how we most felt comfortable in our sleep training approach. We loved her gentle approach and it worked best for us and for our baby. It was only ten days later that my son was sleeping twelve hours. Wow! I didn't know myself.

Jess Dempsey (Mum of 3, Fashion/lifestyle/parenting blogger)

When we met Richelle, our baby was 10 months old and was always reliant on milk to put her to sleep and would often wake up every few hours with a little cry.  I contacted Richelle, and within two nights, our baby was no longer reliant on milk to fall asleep.  Richelle gave us clear guidelines on appropriate awake times for our baby.  Naps got longer, our baby actually liked going to sleep (she now often pulls out her sleeping bag herself when tired), and our baby slept much better through the night.  What I really value about Richelle is not just the time she spent at our home, but the weeks of ongoing support.  Richelle has changed our lives - if we ever have another baby, we’ll be calling her straight away!


The Jreissati-Davaris family (Levantine Hill Wines)

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