Independent Sleep Package

Independent Sleep Package

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All the tools you need, paired with sleep and settling guidance that uses gentle, proven methods.

This package is perfect for those who are ready and capable of making changes on their own, but need some concrete guidance and direction to get their family on the right path to healthy sleep habits.  

So, how does it work?

First, you receive my in-depth sleep questionnaire. This covers important basics like age and development, but also helps me to understand your child's sleep circumstances and what changes you are looking to make. 

Once you return the questionnaire to me with all the relevant details, I provide you with a detailed sleep plan within 72 hours

This step-by-step sleep plan contains all the information you need to get your little one sleeping like a champ in no time.

It covers an age-specific sleep schedule and routine for both day and night sleep, awake-time guidelines, nap tips and transition information, gentle methods with clear instructions for navigating overnight waking and nap disruptions, and even how to adapt this information and routine as your child ages.

This comprehensive sleep plan will be your ultimate guidebook to healthy sleep habits, but it will take commitment and consistency to implement changes and achieve the results you deserve. Your child may be frustrated for the first few nights as they process these changes – don't give up. Your little one will be a quick learner if you are consistent and follow the plan. 

Allow a commitment of 14 days to follow the plan provided. I recommend you are home for all bedtimes during this period, and preferably the first nap of each day as well. 

Get started on your journey to better sleep today with all the resources and guidance you need!


Please note that the Independent Sleep Package does not include my custom follow-up support. This package is designed for families who are confident in making changes and following the program by themselves. 

If you purchase an Independent Sleep Package and start the process only to find that you do need that added support, you have the option to book a full Baby Toddler or Bedtime Support package at a 25% discount where we will go through the full program together (as per the package inclusions).

Criteria: For children aged between 12 weeks and 3 years of age, with a secure cot for sleeping (not a full size bed). 


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