Richelle has been an absolute lifesaver. Working with her has been such a great experience - her hands on approach and continuous follow ups throughout the process has given us the confidence to manage our bubba's healthy sleep habits.

—Cynthia Leong 29/10/2019


We feel very grateful to have found Richelle who taught us how to gently help our 5 month old stop waking 2 hourly. He quickly started having much bigger stretches of sleep and now only wakes once a night and we feel half normal again!! Don't even think about it just book it in - Richelle's methods allow you to still be there for your baby and just help them gradually find their feet so they can settle themselves which makes them so much happier. Thanks again your an absolute life saver!! Xx

—Kahli Ritchie 17/10/2019


When I contacted Richelle, Jaxon was 3 months old, I was feeding him to sleep every time & he was inconsistently napping 20mins-2 hours and overnight he was waking 4-6 times. I was in the depths of sleep deprivation & struggling with everything. I booked the overnight package with Richelle and as soon as she walked in the door I was relieved she was there. She was fantastic with Jaxon and Isla, my 3 year old, and she answered all of my 100 questions. She put together a tailored sleep plan and talked my husband and I through it step by step. I expected night one to be a nightmare, however Richelle's gentle approach assisting Jaxon to sleep instantly put me at ease and it wasn't horrible. The next day, I had to wake Jaxon up from a 2 hour nap! On the third night, Jaxon slept for 8 hours for the first time ever. Never did I think he would sleep for longer than 3 hours, let alone 8! The daily phone consultations were invaluable as Richelle would give me useful advice and ways to tweak Jaxon's routine if something wasn't working. With Richelle's help, Jaxon at 5 and a half months, now a sleeping champion. He self settles, has two 1.5-2 hour naps and wakes up once during the night. never in my sleep deprived mind did I think this would be possible, however with Richelle's help it was. Richelle you are a life changer!

—Bree Maskill 16/10/2019


If you are thinking about sleep training your baby, don't hesitate! Call Richelle! I put off calling her for weeks saying to myself 'he will get better' and 'this is just a phase', how wrong I was. Before Richelle came into out lives, Harrison was waking multiple times in the night searching for his dummy, and he would only nap for 30-40 minutes unable to connect to the next sleep cycle. I was feeding and sometimes cuddling him to sleep which was causing stress and anxiety. I am now proud to say that thanks to the ongoing support of Richelle and all her advice, Harrison no longer needs his dummy or me to settle into sleep, is sleeping for 1.5-2hours during his day naps, and is sleeping 12hours each night!! Richelle, I can't thank you enough!

—Bonnie Waterfield 16/10/2019


Highly recommend Richelle at Sleep Right Tonight for your sleep support needs. Prior to Richelle's help our 6M old son was waking up 2 or 3 times a night (on a good night!). His naps were ALWAYS in my arms and fed to sleep. During his naps he would wake up every 35-40 minutes and be expected to be fed back to sleep. Our son's mood was terrible whenever he was awake and we would always have a fight on our hands for his las nap the day. It would take constant rocking, feeding...bouncing for us to convince him to sleep each night. He was also sleeping in a co-sleeper which required us always to be next to him. 

After our first phone conversation with Richelle I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing that we were going to make a change for the better. My husband and I were still very hesitant of doing the change but we were left with so little options after trying many unsuccessful things ourselves. After meeting Richelle we had a tailored plan which Richelle went through in detail with both of us (and continued to coach us via the phone for 3 weeks - it was so helpful to have a third person to debrief with everyday!). We transitioned him to a cot the first night and In the first 3 days our son dropped all his feeds and by the 8th night was was sleeping by himself (and settling himself) through the night. Naps followed suit a few weeks later and now he is settling by himself and having restful naps of more than an hour (screenshot of his sleep before and after going through the program for reference). This has stayed consistent through his injections and teething! We are utterly amazed and cannot thank Richelle enough. 

Also if you have time I recommend for you to read Richelle's blog on her website - there is tons of helpful advice on there!

—Jennifer Nguyen 15/10/2019


Wow where do I start! Thank you Richelle !! 

Before Richelle came out to see us our 9month old never slept a full night and would wake every cycle and cry, and could never self settle. Would fight me for an hour to have any nap during the day and we were lucky to get a half or 1hr nap. Now he puts him self to sleep, sleeps through the night and self settles too. Naps are fantastic too! We have a happier little boy in the day now and mum and dad are not as tired anymore. We can't recommend Richelle enough. 

—Sera Mifsud 13/10/2019


Richelle is absolutely incredible, I can not recommend her more. Richelle's program has completely changed our lives and saved my sanity. 

I was totally at breaking point, 26 weeks pregnant with a 9 month old waking religiously at 2am for hours on en and sleeping very little during the day. 

To say we have a new lease on life is an understatement. I was so sceptical but my bub is now sleeping through the night, self settling every nap and sleeping longer and better. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart xx

—Poppy Hepburn 11/10/2019


Our family can not thank Richelle enough for helping us to get our little boy to sleep independently through the night. Before we met Richelle our boy relied on the bottle to get to sleep and resettle him throughout the night. My husband and I were so tired as I am sure our little boy was too. Once we began Richelle's tailored program it did not take long to start noticing improvements, especially at night. He can now resettle himself completely independently without us, a dummy or a bottle. We also appreciated Richelle's constant communication as it was nice to have someone to support and reassure us through this process. Thank you Richelle! 

—Nicole McKenry 9/10/2019


If you have been considering sleep training for your little one, do not hesitate to contact Richelle! My six month old has gone from overnight feeds and a reliance on a dummy to perfect day naps and minimum of 12 hours sleep overnight. Richelle's advice and support is life changing. Thank you so much Richelle for your guidance and practical methods. We are SO grateful!

—Carly Riewoldt 7/10/2019


We loved working with Richelle. Her consistent sleep program that was tailored to our little boy worked wonders. 

He went from being unable to put himself to sleep one day, to then completely self settling for each sleep the following day. 

We felt supported throughout the whole process!

—Laura Phillips 6/10/2019


Richelle assisted with the right methods and routines to get our 6 month old from, taking 40mins to get down for naps and waking 2hourly at night; to falling asleep within 10 mins and sleeping a solid 12 hours at night!! We finally feel alive and well again!! Also our daughter seems so much more happier. Thanks Richelle for your commitment to continue to follow up and ensure we were on the right track. Also for being patient and assisting with all our random questions!

—Rebecca Mason 23/9/2019


Richelle has literally changed our lives. Our toddler was waking on average 6 times a night and as a family we were barely able to function. I resorted to sleeping with my daughter as it was just "easier" that way to deal with the frequent wakings. I was having to pat her to sleep and lie with her until she fell asleep every night. Not only was the tiredness affecting us as parents, but my daughter's behaviour was getting worse and worse. As soon as we started Richelle's program - everything changed. My daughter was sleeping through the night and self settling within a few days. Her behaviour was completely transformed because she is getting the sleep SHE needs - A reminder its not just about about us parents! What I loved about Richelle's program is its a gentle approach. To be able to go to sleep at night, in my own bed, knowing that Penny will sleep through the night is absolutely life changing. The only regret I have is that I didn't consult with Richelle sooner!

—Nadine Osborne 17/9/2019


We cannot thank Richelle enough for helping us get our son into a consistent sleep pattern! We had been experiencing 11 months of severe sleep deprivation and had tried SO many different techniques and guides (we had even been to sleep school!)

Richelle was our last resort before we were going to give up accept the fact that we wouldn't be sleeping properly anytime soon. Her program is gentle, simple and effective. Within a week our son started sleeping 11 hours with our a dummy. We were shocked. Thank you Richelle for giving us our nights and sleep back!

—Lauren Nikakis 16/10/2019


We have had a great experience, 14month old is sleeping on her own and happy to go to bed ! Richelle gave us the confidence and support to slowly introduce a sleep routine :) (we even had a fever during the transition and baby did great!) Thanks Richelle!

—Charlotte Gomes 13/9/2019


Before Richelle visited us our son was waking 3 times per night and he often refused to settle after 4:00am. his naps were also all over the place and he often catnapped. I was one exhausted mum. Richelle visited overnight two weeks ago and we were amazed that our son improved night by night since we started following her advice. He now has solid naps and he has also slept through the night for the first time ever. We have established a great routine for him thanks to Richelle. She is a miracle worker and she has changed our lives for the better. Richelle has been wonderful to deal with and she truly cares about the families that she works with. 

—Nicole Kerr 8/9/2019


Richelle saved us from 3 months of no sleep - our bub was sleeping no more than 45 minutes straight. She was confident when we wavered and questioned everything and ultimately she helped us get to a point where we had a baby sleeping 10-12 hours overnight and having restorative naps during the day. We would never have got to that place without you, Richelle. Thank you!!!!

—Jessie Mitchell 22/8/2019


We've had fantastic results working with Richelle!

My daughter has learnt to put herself to sleep independently and now sleeps 12 hours a night and had great day sleep. 

The change in our lives has been enormous! 

Richelle's on going support through out the early stages gave us the opportunity to work through our issues and has resulted in great sleep for everyone.

I can't thank you thank you!

—Jacinda Richardson 19/8/2019


Richelle's intervention to our family has been a game-changer. Richelle delivered an overnight consult to help our 1 year old and to say it changed our life is not overstating it! Her impact was immediate - by day 2 of our new 'routine' Hudson was sleeping like a champion - both night and day. Over 2 months has passed since that night and Hudson has slept around 12 hours ever night and i cannot remember the last time i had to settle him in the middle of the night. Our home life has changed so significantly we can barely believe the transformation in our home life. The extra sleep, the increase in quality time at home, the improvements in hudson's temperament (and our own!!!) and i believe we are better parents and better spouses to each other! It's amazing the ripple effect a sleeping baby has had on our all-round family life and we are truly thankful to Richelle. Special shout to to Jennifer for recommending her. Engaging Richelle was one of the best decisions our family has made to date!

—Matthew Webster 28/7/2019


Highly recommend Richelle to assist you with any sleep issues. My 18 month old would scream when we put him in the cot, would only fall asleep with a bottle at night, and waking 1-2 overnight. Now sleeping 11 hours straight overnight and successfully putting himself to sleep for day nap and bedtime everyday with no tears 

—Tennille Cuttiford 25/7/2019


What a lovely experience we had working with Richelle. Our little girl has improved a lot since having silent reflux and being held upright from birth for all sleeps but we needed some confidence with resetting and reducing her constant day cat naps. 

Our little girl has learnt so quickly using gentle methods that Richelle suggested and we tweaked the strategies use after realising little miss is super alert. 

Night are now sleeping through or having one feed, SS calmly on her own and resettling back to sleep. We know she got 4 month regression as she wakes several times over night but puts her self back to sleep happily.

She is now linking day sleep cycles all on her own and is well rested. She has responded so quickly and mum and daddy even had date night this week for the first time. The house has never been cleaner and more organised. 

No better feeling than seeing your baby wake up and calmly chat to them self and go back o sleep. 
Thanks for all the encouragement, checkins and expertise Richelle. 

—Amy Lee McDonald 4/7/2019


Richelle is absolutly amazing and has helped us so much. My 10m old son was a horrible sleeper. on a good night was up 6 times a night with 2-3 feeds and being feed to sleep. now he is sleeping throughout no night feeds thank you so so much to richelle. 

—Jessica Willan 27/6/2019


Richelle has changed our lives, I can't recommend her enough. We had Richelle over for an overnight stay with our 2 1/2 yr old. He co-slept with us from a young age, relied on milk to go to sleep, would wake on average 2 to 3 times a night and demand milk to go back to sleep. He now sleeps through the night and doesn't associate milk with sleep. A few weeks later we had Richelle back to help with our 6 month old. He relied on a dummy to go to sleep and a night feed. Thanks to Richelle he no long relies on the dummy or a night feed and sleeps through the night without waking. Both boys now sleep an average of 11 to 12 hours overnight without waking. I used to think sleep deprivation was part of being a parent and we had to live with minimal sleep but after speaking with Richelle and her teaching, guiding and supporting us I can't help but tell everyone about her. We have our sanity and sleep back. I just wish we had done it sooner.

—Kerry Costi 18/6/2019


I actually can't thank Richelle enough for what she has done for my family. We went from rocking our then 16 month old to sleep for every sleep and having her sleep in our bed, to self settling for both sleeps, plus she's back in her cot (in her room) and sleeping through the night with a great day sleep. I absolutely loved Richelle's approach, especially as I wasn't someone who could let their baby cry it out. The stay in the room method worked perfectly and now my daughter is a dream sleeper. Richelle was incredibly caring and I loved the support from the calls. Not physically meeting Richelle wasn't a problem either. I was almost sad to have the package end as I loved our chats. Thank you for the gift of sleep Richelle!

—Sarah Blackburn 10/6/2019


We called Richelle after months of broken sleep. With my 2 year old up at 5am and my 7 month old waking 2-3 times a night we weren't getting more than a few hours of sleep at a time. Richelle gave us specific schedules for each child and talked us through all the rules over Skype. I was particularly skeptical about getting my toddler to sleep in past 5 but I decided to give it a shot. By night 2 both kids slept a solid 11-12 hours a night and even now still do and never wake before 6.30am. It is a total game changer and I don't think we realized just how sleep deprived we really were. Getting more sleep has improved every aspect of our lives and I wish I hadn't waited so long! Thanks Richelle for all your advise and support for those few weeks!

—Claire Gunesekara 29/5/2019

Highly recommend Richelle! The first week was hard but we were consistent and patient with the routine, with the recommendations and tips that Richelle gave us, by the second week our twins were sleeping from 7pm-8am the next day. By the third week our girls were sleeping not only through the entire night but also had consistent and beautiful naps throughout the day. Our girls are much happier babies and in all honesty people say to me all the time "i don't know how you manage twins" but it's just because I'm sleeping now because my girls sleep. I thank Richelle for her help and following up with me everyday for 3 weeks. It's now made me excited to one day in the future have more children. I really recommend doing this. I started this for my twins at 3 months and I recommend for everyone to use Richelle for their children! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Richelle. My husband and I speak about you every night and how thankful we are for helping us!

—Jessica Pungitore 29/5/2019


Richelle has changed our lives, given us back our sleep and saved my sanity!!! From night 1 Lil slept 8hrs and we'r enow doing 11.5-12 hrs straight. Her methods are super gentle and Lil has loves the routine we've put in place. A million times, thank you!!  It was the best call we ever made! X

—Lis Kate 28/5/2019


Happiest Mum and Bub in the world right now! in 9.5 months Eleanor has not slept through the night. I made the decision to use the assistance of @sleeprighttonight and I couldn't be happier!!! Last night; night three of her sleep training and she slept from 7:00PM - 7:30AM with not a tear in between!! Richelle, thank you, thank you, thank you! What an absolute game changer.

—Cassie Borg


A big thanks to Richelle for helping the whole family get more sleep ... The gentle reassurance and regular phone calls help ensure we stayed on track while we reset our 9 month old son's sleep habits and he now naps better and regularly sleeps through the night.

—Shelley Dour


My husband and I can't thank Richelle enough. Our 3 month old was waking hourly and needing to be rocked back to sleep. She now sleeps through the night and naps during the day. Using Richelle's gentle methods we saw results instantly and couldn't believe it. We have a much happier baby and household - all thanks to Richelle and her amazing support.

—Jessica Newman

I purchased the newborn starter pack whilst I was pregnant, as I knew that establishing healthy sleep habits early was something really important to our family. It was easy getting the night time routine down pat, but the day sleep was all over the place. I was feeding to sleep. With Richelle's help I was able to get structured naps and play time during the day; what a relief! Getting our little one to self settle and now he is sleeping through the night at just 3 months old. 7:30pm-7:30am! Thank you Richelle, it was the best decision and $$ I've ever spent. You can't put a price on a good night's sleep.

—Holly Smith

Richelle is an absolute godsend! I can not recommend her enough for ensuring our little babes sleep well and develop a healthy routine.

Since we first started sleep training with our 12 week old (now 16 weeks) we were sure I would just be feeding her to sleep until she was no longer breastfed. I was hesitant but was happy to give anything a go, as the thought of returning to work and Esther not sleeping for anyone else but me was stressful. But within 4 days our girl was self settling to get to sleep at night, self settling throughout the night and started having 3x 2 hour naps a day. Esther now sleeps in her cot in her own room, and can now be put down anywhere at nap time and doesn't need to be fed to sleep.
Throughout our sleep training, Richelle gave us the continued support and guidance which reassured us. I was so anxious before commencing our sleep training, thinking that I wouldn't have enough awake time with Esther, but that is NOT the case. Because I know Esther is now getting enough sleep throughout the day and at night time, she is just soooo happy- ALL THE TIME! She is developing so well and the happiest baby since we now have a good routine. Not to mention when she wakes and we get her out of her cot, her snuggles are just the best and it makes our awake time together much more valuable because she is happy.
It's also been great for my husband and I, we have our own time together every evening and we have our bed back (no more co-sleeping). It's been great for our relationship! And since she's been sleeping so well I've dropped more baby weight, I'm not as tired or on edge, or feel like the life has been sucked out of me.

Thankyou Richelle for everything, your advice, your constant check-ins, your strategies, answering all my questions, calming my anxieties and the reassurance to give us confidence to ensure our girl has a healthy routine and sleep habit. I will forever thank you for your help

—Jasmin Lagaali

Richelle you have a serious talent! I honestly could not recommend you enough. You really were a game changer for my family & I thank-you so much. We will forever be in debt to you & have you to thank for our blissful nights sleep. Our baby boy was 11 months at the time we consulted you. Prior to meeting you we were consistently waking up every 1-2 hours every night & we're literally at breaking point with sleep deprivation. With your success & work of magic he is now a dream sleeper & consistently sleeps through the night for 11-12 hours. Thank-you for all your continued follow ups. You really are a beautiful soul! Xx

—Jennifer Matchado 27/5/2019

Richelle has changed our lives, given us back our sleep and saved my sanity!!! From night 1 Lil slept 8hrs and we're now doing 11.5-12 hrs straight. Her methods are super gentle and Lil has loved the routine we've put in place. A million times, thank you!! 🙏🏻 !! It was the best call we ever made! X

—Alicia Johnston

Making the call to Richelle was the hardest part. When she initially said that we would be able to have her sleeping overnight without a dream feed in under 10 days, I laughed. After using another very well known consultant and being told that it was just our daughter and she might grow out of it by 2yrs old, we were desperate.

But I'm happy to say I was very wrong! We have now been following Richelle's plans for 3 months now. In that time we have been through gastro, colds, sleep regression milestones, daylight savings and teething. But the one thing that has remained the same is the consistency of sleep.

No more dream feeds, no more up and down 8 times a night. 11hrs straight each and every night. Madison now happily lies down completely awake, rolls over and goes to sleep.

John and I can not thank Richelle enough. We not only have our sleep back and also valuable time with each other.

—Emma Moore 27/5/2019


Before seeking help from Richelle we were struggling big time in the sleep department! Weekdays it is just myself and baby as my Hubby is a truck driver so we needed to improve our sleep so as we could function. Being real here: the sleep training for us was incredibly challenging. But the results speak for themselves and we are so greatful to have had Richelles constant support through it - definitely no regrets.  I now have time in the evenings to myself and on weekends we get quality time together once our baby goes to sleep. We are a much happier household, thank you so much Richelle.

—Lisa Warnock 27/5/2019

I cannot recommend Richelle more highly, with her help we completely changed our lives and the sleeping habits of our little 6month old. I would recommend Richelle to anyone who is seeking help with their bubs sleep habits.

—Jessica Whelan 25/5/2019

If anyone is having sleeping problems, definitely call Richelle! She helped us night wean my daughter and achieved a full nights sleep! Sleep for the win! You won't regret it!

—Kelsey Anderson 20/5/2019

Richelle truly saved us! We were so exhausted but living in hope that ‘maybe tonight he'll sleep'. Richelle considered what we had been doing, where we had gone wrong and how to move forward. With a few basic adjustments and 48hrs of consistency, we were sleeping through! If you are that person, lost in the fog of sleep deprivation, wondering why nothing is working, call Richelle!!

—Ellen Mackie 19/5/2019

Richelle has truly been AMAZING with helping us implement a positive nap schedule and bedtime routine for our son Max.

Rocking/feeding Max to sleep had become the norm that often ended in tears as he did not transfer well. With Richelle's professional and breastfeeding friendly approach, Max now self-settles like a champion in his own cot. So not only do we have a happier baby but Mum and Dad are super grateful to have more sleep too!
We couldn't recommend Richelle more highly as she really is the "Baby Sleep Guru!"

—Lauren Baguley 25/4/2019


I can't thank Richelle enough for changing our lives. Our 22 month old was almost impossible to put to bed, and my husband and I were taking it in turns sleeping on the floor in his room overnight to avoid night wakings. We were all so tired and life was pretty average. It's not an exaggeration to say Richelle provided us with instant results, he slept through the night on night 1 of the program, and now after only 2 weeks he goes to sleep independently without any fuss. Richelle's phone support has been incredible and we have our evenings back. I have so much more energy to spend on my family now, and our little man is so much happier and thriving. I can't recommend Richelle highly enough, she has been so understanding, supportive and effective. Definitely one of the best decisions we have made for our family.

—Tracey Scott 15/4/2019

What an absolute game-changer. Richelle was recommended by a trusted friend as my baby was 4 months old and I knew that while we were trying to get her into a good routine, we needed some advice to help her sleep better during the day and through the night. Returning to work at 6 months, it was also important to me that we tried everything we could to help our daughter and in-turn, help us! Richelle was so warm and friendly. She really dives deep to understand your specific situation and is very clear on what you need to do, but is also understanding if you want to approach things a certain way, i.e. still feed once a night by choice etc. The follow-up was really incredible and it was in those two weeks after the consultation that we were able to make small tweaks to timings (under the instruction of Richelle) that made the world of difference. Richelle was so helpful, a great listener and I gained a lot of confidence in our daily chats when she would check in. Our daughter went from sleeping 30-40 mins to now over 1 and a half hours per nap, at least twice a day! She sleeps through the night, rather than me having to feed her every three hours! It was incredible. If you're willing to commit, take on advice, be patient (and not too hard on yourself if you have a bad day, that's normal!) then you have to try this service. Thank you Richelle, our baby is a sleeping machine and very happy as a result! Xxx

—Siobhan Wilkins 29/3/2019

We can't thank you enough Richelle. We have our nights and sanity back. Only four weeks ago I was spending more time in my sons bed than my own, my marriage strained and I was living on sugar and coffee. I would spend one to two hours every night trying my best to encourage my son to sleep, shushing, patting, singing, all the time knowing he would be awake in a few hours and I'd be up and down all night.
After three years I was exhausted but adamant I wouldn't try sleep training again after a terrible experience at a residential sleep hospital. I just kept trying and every night blurred into the next until my husband contacted you for help.
And yes, before meeting you I was hesitate, worried how I would follow a program and remain true to my gentle parenting style. I didn't want sleep to be stressful or upsetting for my son.
From the start, you were able to tailor a program to suit us, to help me take small steps to implement change and here we are, four weeks later with our son asleep by 7.30 and sleeping through until 6! And he is waking really proud of himself which is so lovely.
After three years of no sleep I almost can't believe how far we have come in such a small amount of time.
Thanks again Richelle. Life saver!

—Elisha Toey


Thank you so much Richelle for getting our boys on track with there sleeping. We saw results by the second night of doing her program and they slept through all night for the first time in 15 months. No more dummies and getting up to settle them is nearly been 2 months since we started Richelle's program and the boys are still sleeping through. Thanks so much your amazing ☺️

—Chantelle Conforto 25/3/2019

Thank you Richelle for your wonderful sleep program.
Our daughter Mila didn't sleep more than a couple hours at a time from 6 months.
At 11 months now, after 2 nights and still up to 2 weeks later she has been sleeping through the night from 7-7.30pm.
Richelles program has taught her the life skill of sleep. She's happier for it and so are mum and dad!
It means the night comes along with no more anxiety and I can go to work and function with good sleep.
Best thing is when she does wake on the odd occasion during the night (rare these days) she knows how to quickly go back to sleep and how to do it on her own.
Cheers Richelle

—Daniel Arnavas 16/3/2019


Richelle is a miracle worker.
13 month old was the worst sleeper. He wanted to stay on my breast non stop from 12am onwards every night, and would not self settle. I was up non stop and was getting 3 hours of broken sleep a night. I was tired and when I found Richelle I was at breaking point.
Thanks to Richelle she had my son Archie sleeping through on night 4. It's been 2 months now and he's doing 7-7 every night and self settles. I put him in the cot wide awake with no tears. I have my life back! I'm getting so much sleep and getting time to watch TV and wash my hair!
I can't thank you enough Richelle. You are my angel.

—Dianne McNamara 12/3/2019


Richelle told me 3 days ago that my baby would sleep 12 hours a night and inside I was like nope! 😂 Night three he slept 12 whole hours in his cot! 😱 today I'm feeling 25 and not 87 years old so that's great!! He had been waking nearly ever hour before we contacted Richelle.
This queen of sleep has seriously changed our lives so much. Seth is so much happier now that he's getting enough sleep and we didn't have to do any invasive "cry it out methods" And we have our space back and time for each other which is so important 🌸
It's ok to ask for help sometimes!!! 💗

—Angela Howard 11/3/2019

Our little boy was 13 months old when we finally contacted Richelle. He had never consistently slept longer than 3-4 hours at a time overnight, refused to sleep in his cot (we co-slept) and was fed to sleep each time.
Day sleeps were not much better, lying next to him in our bed for up to an hour before quietly creeping out of our room, only for him to wake again shortly after!
We were incredibly sleep deprived and hopeless, not knowing where to begin to fix the sleep problem.
We contacted Richelle and organised an overnight consult. This was the best decision we ever made as the overnight stay provided us with the level of support we needed on that first night of change, and set us up with the techniques we needed for success.
Richelle's down to earth approach was really reassuring and I instinctively trusted her guidance. Using her gentle settling techniques from that first night resulted in him falling asleep within 1 hour (in his cot!). Six hours later (!) he woke for 10 minutes before then sleeping through until 7am. Come that morning we couldn't believe the change, and over successive nights this continued with our little boy (and us!) happier and happier.
By night 3, we had a baby who slept ~12-13 hours overnight and is having one big ~2 hour nap during the day. It's just amazing the change!
Richelle also provided us with follow up daily morning calls of support which was so incredibly helpful to ensure we could de-brief and engrain our new behaviour and keep it consistent for our little one (I also, looked forward to having a chat to Richelle!)
This has honestly changed our lives. Getting sleep again has positively effected every factor of day to day life. But more importantly, we have SUCH a happy baby.
THANK YOU Richelle! I can't recommend her highly enough!

—Kelly Perrett 5/3/2019


I can not thank Richelle enough for all her help and support over the last month. I now have 2 kids in bed sound asleep by 7:30pm!! They happily go to bed with no crying or tantrums and better yet they both sleep through the night and wake up happy in the morning. Richelle's program has also helped my kids to self settle in the night if they happen to wake (very rare now). I never thought I would be able to say my children are great sleepers! I am loving all my time at night it's fantastic to be able to relax. So if you need help, I highly recommend you contact the lovely Richelle

—Yolanda Care 28/2/2019

I contacted Richelle for our little 6 month old baby who was waking every 45mins to 1hr wanting to feed to go back sleep overnight plus not wanting to nap at all during the day unless was in the car or being held 🤦🏻♀️
Richelle is literally a real life Mary Poppins and has changed our lives! Our baby is now having 2 long naps each day and sleeping 12hrs overnight! I really thought she would the baby it didn't work for but I was wrong! I highly recommend sleep right tonight to anyone who's baby is not sleeping she is a life saver!! Thanks Richelle.

—Arna Poci 28/2/2019

Darcy is just over 12 months old and has been an on and off sleeper, so it took us a while to look for help. Within 15 minutes of our initial consultations Richelle was able to pin point our issue with Darcy having a reliance on her dummy and bottles to fall asleep and go back to sleep. It took one night to get rid of the dummy and then to get Darcy into a proper sleeping pattern. I was open to any advice but I needed someone to help me in my situation rather than read a generalised book. Richelle offered a personalised guide for our little Farm kid Darcy, who previously had very little routine. The follow up support has been so great - even if I didn't have any questions some days, the ongoing support has been great. Darcy now sleeps a solid 12 hours and has a long nap in the day. We are a much happier household. Thanks so much RIchelle.

—Narelle Savige

Richelle is amazing. Her technique works so well and she is so patient and lovely to deal with. Her daily advice and tips are so helpful and work so well to get to the end result. Our little one is now sleeping beautifully and we have our sleep back! Thank you so so much Richelle!!

—Niki Miltiadou 28/2/2019


Richelle's program has given us our evenings back. Prior to contacting Richelle it would take up 45 minutes to get our 2 year old to sleep at night, we were also trapped in the cycle of a dummy addiction.
After implementing Richelle's program he now self settles himself to sleep and actually demands we leave as soon as he is placed in it he cot! He is also consistently sleeping 12 hours per night without waking. And we are completely dummy free.
I highly recommend Richelle. Don't hesitate to contact her, I have no doubt that she will be able to help.

—Erin Evans 27/2/2019

Richelle's professional, no nonsense approach was extremely effective in getting our son to get to sleep quickly and stay asleep over night. It has been amazing to be getting a full nights sleep again. Richelle was able to expertly identify what the issues hindering our sons sleep were and collaborate with us as a family to overcome them in a way that worked for everyone. She was extremely thorough in her follow up process. We trusted her, felt supported and felt that she very genuinely and sincerely was passionate about what she does. I have used several sleep consultants and I would highly recommend Richelle.

—Miriam Carr 26/2/2019


My son is 8 months old and finally, now sleeping through the night with mostly no wake ups with Richelle's program. After 7.5 months of 30 minute day naps, and very broken nights, I decided to call Richelle who assured me that she could have him sleeping through. I still remember our phone consult, Richelle said 'when he sleeps through' and I was quick to change it to 'if he sleeps through'. But she was right! Thank you so much Richelle. You're always ready to troubleshoot with me in the morning catch ups and you answer all of my endless questions - incredibly grateful!

—Sayna Sadie 18/2/2019


I'm a Mom of two sets of twins. You'd think that I'd have figured things out the second time around, right? Well, no. All the questions I had the first time around about getting my babies to sleep well remained unanswered the second time around despite my having read almost every sleep book I could find. I knew all the theory but just couldn't get the practice right. Mostly because with twins everything is doubly complicated and I was just overwhelmed most of the time, feeling like I had more than I could cope.
At 13 months, my baby twins were sleeping in our bed. Took up to 1.5hrs to put to bed and woke up at least twice a night for milk feeds. I was exhausted, guilty about not spending more time with my 7 year old twins.
With Richelle's help we went from the above scenario to the babies napping and also sleeping in their cots for 12 continuous hours within 2 weeks! Bedtime is a dream now. The babies get in their cots after story time and fall asleep on their own, freeing us to do other things- like spend time with my older boys.
I remember being half in tears the morning before we started the sleep training, and Richelle saying, "You can do this, you will do this!" And we have done it! Not only was her sleep plan and guide comprehensive, the morning after check-ins were so helpful in helping me stick to the plan and to answer all my questions from the night before!

—Iva Aminuddin 6/2/2019


When we contacted Richelle we were exhausted and at our wits end. I felt like there were so many things we needed help with and I didn't know where to start. We were having to rock our 7 month old to sleep only to have him wake every hour throughout the night and us pick him up to resettle him. He was miserable because he was overtired, his naps were 30 minutes maximum and my anxiety around sleep time was through the roof. He was still in our room so no one was getting any sleep, he had a dummy which he kept spitting out and he was swaddled even though he was starting to roll.
Richelle met with us and went through our personalised plan which was structured and easy to follow. I won't lie, those first few nights were hard but by night four something clicked and all of a sudden he was sleeping in his own room, self settling without his dummy, no dreamfeed and if he woke during the night he was able to resettle himself. I honestly couldn't believe the change! A month later he settles himself for all his naps/bedtime and sleeps through the night averaging 10-12 hours. Our days are now structured with a routine that works for us. He is such a happy well rested kid and we have smiles on our faces again!
Richelle's support throughout the process was fantastic. She checked in on us daily via phone and text and always there to answers any questions I have. She's supportive and encouraging whilst keeping us accountable.
I can't thank Richelle enough for her help, it has honestly been a life saver. I just wish I had called her sooner!

—Rebecca Szyszka 24/1/2019


Thanks to Richelle our 10 month old went from waking 4+ times a night to sleeping through in a matter of weeks! She helped us to drop his night feeds and the use of a dummy and we now have a very happy baby who sleeps 11-12hrs over night, naps great during the day and eats so much more food! She gave us the push we needed to be consistent in teaching him to self settle and we couldn't be happier that we persisted! We finally have our nights back to relax, 8+ hours of sleep and we no longer go to bed anxious and feeling stressed. Highly recommend Richelle!

—Liza Schreurs 17/1/2019


We contacted Richelle when Anthony was 10 weeks as we were having trouble getting him to sleep in his cot and napping was very irregular. As new parents we knew that we wanted to create some healthy sleep habits for him but just didn't know how. Richelle is an incredible sleep consultant. She gave us a personalised plan for him, but more importantly she helped us understand how much sleep babies actually need and how to structure naps and night sleep accordingly.
She was available to help at anytime we needed her, with regular phone calls and texts to offer advice based on what had happened the day before.
Her success is in the results. Anthony at 16 weeks now sleeps consistently through the night, in his own room. He naps well (and not just at home) and can self settle. He is such a happy baby and we are happy (well slept!) parents! Thank you so much, we are forever grateful for giving the 3 of us invaluable tools for the rest of our lives (+ other kids!)

—Christina Ivankovic 3/1/2019


Richelle is a miracle worker. My baby girl started waking up every hour and a half at around 4.5 months and was having trouble settling herself to sleep. After our initial consultant and the first night I implemented Richelle's advice, there was an improvement immediately! Richelle was calm, confident and empathetic to our circumstances. I honestly loved how confident she was at our first meeting where she said she'd have my little one sleeping well at night in a couple of days. Richelle's daily follow up allows you to discuss the day before and provides advice which sometimes is the tiniest tweak that makes the world of difference. I cannot recommend Richelle enough! She has not only taught my daughter and us great habits but our girl is much happier!

—Shamini Rajarethnam 26/12/2018


We called Richelle to help improve our 11 week old's sleep. He was a serious catnapper (20 minute naps) who needed to be rocked or patted to sleep during the day, and could take hours to settle at night. Following Richelle's advice, within days, he learnt to put himself to sleep, and now naps for 2 hours - I have to wake him most days! He is sleeping through the night and LOVES his cot. Thank you Richelle for helping to make such a big change in our lives!

—Alix Galea 20/12/2018


Highly recommend Richelle - we had her come for a 2 night overnight package. On the fourth night, our 7 month old started sleeping through the night. Prior to this we were heavily dependent on the dummy/feeding to go to sleep and multiple wakings through the night. The follow up support received was invaluable - in the days following her visit, we worked together to tweak my daughter's routine/schedule where required and she was always available to answer my queries (and promptly too!).
Fantastic service - thanks again Richelle!

—Su Jen Lee 7/12/2018


The key points: (1) Within a week, Richelle got our 11-weeker to go from waking 4 times a night to waking just once a night, (2) By the end of the second week, he was sleeping through the night - that means 12 hours, no feeds! - and (3) I had read sleep books, was all about sleep training, and wasn't sure I really needed to engage a consultant - but I am SO glad I did, because what Richelle gives you which all those books don't is blow by blow technique, daily follow up which customizes her advice exactly to your needs, and most importantly, CONFIDENCE in your decisions because you can get immediate feedback on any situation. Our son can put himself to sleep now, and it has improved our quality of life so very much. Thank you Richelle for everything! If you're on the fence, don't be. Just do it. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

—Sheila Pakir 5/12/2018


I cannot recommend Richelle at Sleep Right Tonight highly enough! My 4-month old baby was waking two-hourly overnight and was fighting me at every nap. Within a couple of days of implementing Richelle's gentle methods my baby was sleeping right through the night, without waking (or just once for a feed). And now I can put him down for a nap and walk out of the room and he happily puts himself to sleep. My son now wakes up content and happy and I am well-rested and able to cope with whatever the day has to offer. Do yourself a favour and reach out to Richelle, you won't regret it!

—Margie Hone 4/12/2018


When I reached out to Richelle, I was exhausted. Our daughter was 6mths and had been waking every hour for the past few months... I really don't know how I managed to get through the days. 

When Richelle told me that she would have our daughter sleeping all the way through the night within a few days, I really didn't think it would happen (she is a super stubborn baby).

On night 2 Isi slept 11.5hrs... I could not believe it!

Honestly i can not recommend Richelle enough, her sleep plan is simple and effective. It's not hard and if you are suffering or just putting up with it because you think you have to, you don't!! 

Invest in a good sleep, it is the best money we have spent! Thanks for helping us Richelle, you are amazing xx

—Michelle Hidalgo 26/11/2019


We have had great success with our son Noah, he is now sleeping through the night, having 11-12 hours sleep consistently. We are so grateful for the support, guidance and care Richelle gave us from the beginning. When I first phone Richelle I was encouraged immediately with her confidence in the material she was delivering and her belief that my son would not only sleep through the night but develop skills to self settle, all of which happened in a short space of time. i would certainly recommend Sleep Right Tonight to parents wanting guidance in developing a great sleep routine. Thanks Richelle for your great work and a full nights sleep.

—Claire Hesse 22/11/2018


Richelle is an incredible sleep consultant. After 8 months of broken sleep, we followed her instructions and our son slept through after night 1. Highly recommend her service. 

—Paula Appollonia Hara 18/11/2018


We were stuck in a pattern of our 2.5 yr old daughter waking up to 6 times every single night. As well as fighting bedtime every night. It had gone from bad to worse and with baby #2 on the way both me an my husband were struggling with the lack of sleep over countless months and the stress of not knowing how to tackle it. 

Richelle had a clear plan and was very calming. The first couple of nights of the sleep training were really tough but the daily calls with Richelle made all of the difference to trouble shoot / tweak our plan, and keep us motivated to keep going. It's easy to want to give up and think tis' not working but Richelle would reassure us and answer all of our questions. Our daughter started to improve after a couple of nights and starting sleeping through after 8 nights!

A couple of week sin and she is now sleeping through majority of the time. And if on the slight occasion she does wake we know what to do and she responds quickly as she now knows the "rules". 

We are all so much happier and our daughter is noticeably less irritable now that she is getting the sleep that she needs. 

I only wish I had done it sooner!!

—Kate Wilson 16/11/2018


Highly recommend Richelle. Helped with my 13month old as she was waking 5-8 times a night for her dummy. 2 days in with Richelle and I now have 11-12 hour sleeper with no dummy..winning!!! Also doesn't have dummy during the day anymore was so surprised we got rid of the dummy so easily. Happy mum and baby

—Kayla Drummond 23/10/2018


Richelle's program worked wonderfully for my 10 week old baby boy. He went from not sleeping in the bassinet to sleeping anywhere between 6-8 hours overnight. He is also sleeping much better during day time too in his bassinet and I can see that he is much more rested, energetic & less cranky during the daytime too! I would highly recommend this program to all new parents.

—Neeha Mylavarapu 23/10/2018


Thanks Richelle for all your help, support and advice around our baby's sleep - we also have particularly appreciated your help when we've had any questions along the way!

—Mandy Chambers 23/10/2018


Richelle has changed our lives, amazing results in such a short time and we all couldn't be happier. Our nearly 4 year old boy was causing chaos at bedtime, during the night and in general and with a younger brother and house move about to happen we were desperate for some help.
Going to sleep included tantrums, laying down with him for close to an hour, night waking up to 3 times a night and screaming out for me – exhausting!
I picked up Richelle's card when visiting our paediatrician and after a quick online enquiry Richelle phoned me for a consult. We met Richelle the following week and have never looked back.
Richelle's confidence in resolving the issues quickly and the plan she provided for us was what I needed and we had immediate results, I was astounded at how quickly our son adapted.
The daily support calls for the first week were invaluable, every bit of advice Richelle gave me worked and our confidence was boosted dramatically. We took back control.
We now have our lives back in the evenings, we are not all crazy tired and frustrated and we have a happier and more confident little boy on our hands who is clear on what he needs to do.
We refer to Richelle at home as the "Sleepy Time Doctor". Thanks Richelle – we are grateful to have met you.
I would urge anyone thinking of engaging a sleep consultant to not hesitate and contact Richelle.

—Julie True 10/10/2018


A big thank-you to Richelle who helped me get my son sleeping overnight. No more wake-ups or feeds. Yay! She is very supportive and knowledgeable and I can't recommend her enough. If your child is having sleep issues, do yourself a favour and contact her. You won't regret it.

—Teresa Mei Macri 5/10/2018


We had such a positive experience with Richelle and our 11 month old. Going in to it I was a little concerned and must say, sceptical. After a thorough, positive and supportive few hours chatting with Richelle, we started the simple and straightforward routine on a Saturday evening. After the first night we knew we had the tools to be able to help our little man learn to get himself back to sleep if/when he woke up and he hasn't needed us to go in to him during the night since we've started. The Wednesday night we had an unbroken sleep, 7am-7pm! We also dropped the dummy when we started the sleep routine and haven't looked back! Richelle's constant phone support was incredible! Thank you Richelle.

—Gillian Parker 2/10/2018


When I contacted Richelle, my 9 month old baby had never slept for more than a few hours at a time since he had been born. I was exhausted and barely coping during the days, and surviving nights by co-sleeping and feeding to sleep. I was also one of those skeptical parents who thought for sure our baby would be the one who wouldn't ever sleep through the night. Richelle explained the methods she recommended very clearly, and encouraged us to lose the dummy. I was very nervous about sleep training and I did find it very difficult emotionally, even though I didn't leave my baby's side until he fell asleep. I found Richelle's morning calls to be a crucial element of her sleep package as I definitely needed the additional support. Added to this he was (and still is) constantly sick since he started childcare. After the first 2 nights my husband took over the sleep training, and by night 5 we had a baby who slept through the night from 6.30pm until 5/6am (with major improvement after just 2 nights - my husband had it easy!). I am now getting a full night's sleep every night and I am a new person. Day naps have not yet consolidated completely, but I honestly don't care because our baby sleeps through the night every single night - even if he's sick. He self-settles for all naps and bedtime and puts himself back to sleep within a minute if he wakes during the night (very rarely will he stir until 5/6am). He's much happier getting good quality deep sleep every night and so are we. As an added bonus, our baby is now eating solids with gusto, which he wasn't much interested in before. We call Richelle a sleep angel in our house.

—Belinda Phipson 25/9/2018


Richelle worked wonders for us with our 2 year old's sleep troubles. We went from having a champion sleeper to 3 months of severely disrupted sleep. We really felt like we tried everything and followed so much advice (from family, friends, Google and other parenting sites) but nothing worked. Then a friend recommended Richelle. Best thing ever. Richelle gave us a customised sleep plan and explained what was happening, why and what to do about it. Richelle was no-nonsense but incredibly supportive. Exactly what we needed and Richelle was with us every step of the way. It was tough, but we are all now sleeping soundly and a much happier household as a result.
Thanks Richelle, your expertise cannot be under-rated.

—Tara Piazza 23/9/2018


Richelle is fantastic! She helped us with our 8 month old who had gone from being a reasonably good sleeper to waking every 2 hours overnight needing patting back to sleep. Within 1 night he was able to self-settle overnight and we have barely had to go into his room overnight since. He is now 11 months and doing great. Everyone is so much happier! Thank you Richelle!!

—Emily Masters 31/8/2018


I'm happier, my son is happier and we both get plenty of sleep now. What bliss! Thanks Richelle :) Nighttimes and nap times are so much easier now and my little one actually sleeps during the day! Thank you so much. 

—Angela Suen 28/8/2018


We can't thank Richelle more for supporting us to achieve amazing results with our 5 month old. Before seeing Richelle, Portia was waking around 5+ times a night needing the dummy and also wanting two feeds. Her day naps were inconsistent and only slept for long periods of time in a swing. After implementing Portia's individualised program, we started seeing results from the first night! It has now been a week and Portia is self settling, does not require the dummy or over night feeds and is sleeping through the night! Her day naps are fantastic - on a routine and each nap is around 1.5 hours or more. Richelle has been so supportive and caring through the whole process. I am so happy I made the call and got her help. I just wish I did this with my first daughter. Thank you for helping us get our life and sanity back!!!!

—Danielle Defina 23/8/2018


Massive thank you to Richelle for all the support provided while we tried to set both day & night sleep routines for our lil man. Despite my scepticism, our guy started sleeping for 11 hours straight after 3 nights, and he still continues to do so a month on.
The support provided by Richelle - be it phone calls, text or email - was fantastic regardless whether it was through the tough first couple of nights, or offering encouragement to keep going when things were going well.
Thank you Richelle for giving us our sleep (and our bed) back!

—Leeann Green 14/8/2018


Thanks to Richelle we are all sooooo much happier and getting sleep ! Her advice was specific and easy to follow , worked from day 1 !!! Can't believe how easily my daughter now goes to bed and stays there . This has been life changing to our family and I recommend Richelle to anyone having sleep issues with their kids.

—Michelle Roszbach 14/8/2018

Simple to follow advice worked from night 1 !!! Hallelujah , we have our nights again and our daughter sleeps 12 hours straight ! Thanks so much Richelle.
—Troy Thompson 14/8/2018


Richelle is amazing my 22 month old would only sleep if he was in bed with me and fed to sleep every night but with Richelles help and support he went from co sleeping and waking every half-hour to now sleeping all night most nights and he loves going to bed in his own bed in his own room tells me nigh nigh and tells me out when before he would scream going anywhere near the cot. Thankyou for being wonderful and supportive and giving me my bed back and most importantly sleep. Couldn't have done it without you.

—Audrey Pearce 4/8/2018


Richelle is Amazing!!
Our daughter had both reflux and colic and basically spent her first 8 weeks in our arms. There are only so many nights you can sleep sitting upright with your baby in your arms, only to have to also look after your 3yr old next day! By 8 weeks we had both the reflux and colic sorted with medication however She was now very much used to being held and cried her little head off if we put her down. To put her down for even 10 mins seemed an impossible task - it was exhausting!! That's when Richelle came to the rescue!! She helped us establish a routine with our daughter and showed us the techniques we needed in order to put the routine in place. We started seeing results within about 2-3 days! Our daughter is now able to put herself to sleep without being fed or rocked and is sleeping for long stretches on her own at night!! The support Richelle provided was absolutely fantastic! She was always available, called and texted to check up on progress and how it was all tracking and was always there to provide the reassurance and encouragement we needed throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Richelle to anyone who is having sleep issues with their child! I only wish I had met Richelle 3 yrs ago with my first child and saved myself from 18 months of sleep deprivation! Richelle - thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

—Fatima & Ali Chaudry 19/7/2018


Thankyou so much Richelle for all your advice & assistance with our gorgeous twins, having both of them now sleeping through the night & for the 2 of us getting sleep aswell is just amazing. All the hard work & persistence definitely paid off in the end!

—Melissa Larsen 11/7/2018

Richelle is amazing!
I contacted her when I realized that I wasn't coping so well with over a year (!!!) of interrupted sleep from my 1 year old (and also running around after a 5 year old). It was almost unbelievable that within 2 nights she was sleeping through and was so much happier for it. Initially I was worried about the process but Richelle had a very gentle approach which worked so well for my family.
The support that Richelle gives is fabulous with follow up phone calls and texts to keep you on the right path, and to help tweak any issues that arise. This support is really what makes the program so good, relatable and usable.
I would highly recommend Richelle to anyone who is struggling with sleep. Thank you so much!!

—Tegan Don 10/7/2018


Richelle has a very firm but kind way with children of all ages. She endeared herself to my three girls building their trust in her before bed time even approached. She helped train my 11 month old to sleep thru the night with a few schedule adjustments and breaking habits built from exhausted parents! She also worked with my 2.5 yo to stay in her bed all night! She coached my husband and I on how to manage these circumstances and listened carefully to our preferences incorporating them into our action plans. She was available for ongoing support and thanks to Richelle, we now sleep at night!

—Dina Tinkler Moss 9/7/2018


Thank you Richelle!
In less then one week we have seen a huge improvement in Jordan's sleep. We now have a great routine for day and night and we have his body clock back on track! Thank you so much for helping me get Jordan back to being a great sleeper again.

—Kristina Tawil 9/7/2018


From night one my 3 month old went from waking every 2-3hrs of a night to just once or twice ever since, with just a few simple and manageable changes to her routine. 

—Karla Dungan 25/6/2018


Richelle, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I called Richelle for my daughter who is 10 months old and was waking anywhere between 1-8 times a night and a shocking daytime sleeper. When Richelle came out she kept saying ‘when she's sleeping through' and I kept saying ‘if she sleeps through' as I was so skeptical after so many months of sleepless nights! However by night three my daughter slept 12 hours!! Was this really happening? I couldn't believe it! Richelle's support has been nothing less than amazing. One month on and my daughter is still doing 12 hours a night, she's got no dummy, has cut her nght feeds and increased her food intake. I must say her daytime naps still aren't great, which Richelle has continued to support me with, but with all the positives who cares about the daytime naps! You will not regret the decision of using Richelle's support. Baby number two is not on the cards yet... BUT when it is I will have Richelle pre booked!

—Cassie Borg 19/6/2018


Richelle is absolutely just amazing!!!!!
I first contacted her about my 3 month old baby girl who was having a dream feed at 11 then another feed or 2 during the night plus waking every hour!!! Just couldn't keep up (plus had a 3 yr old to get up to in the morning) She showed me how to get her to sleep all night!!!!!! (With no dream feed) just couldn't believe after 3 nights bam!!!!!! She was finally sleeping and I felt normal again. Thank you so so much again I couldn't recommend you higher!!!! U are amazing If you're thinking should I or shouldn't I call, just pick the phone up and call..... you will feel a sense of relief as soon as u speak to her.
Thanks so much again, you're a life saver!!!

—Genne Di Pasquale 18/6/2018


Richelle has been amazing, a big help getting my 14 month old to sleep 12 hours at night within a few days. I work full time so I'm so grateful to have my sleep back again.

—Carly Booth 18/6/2018


Richelle gave us our evenings back! With a 6 yr old wanting to sleep in the same room as her brother because she is scared of the dark and her 2 year old brother ending up in our bed and feeding throughout the night we were definitely in need of some intervention and a plan! I knew from reading other reviews that Richelle would easily teach us how to get our 2 year old into his own bed and getting off to sleep without breastfeeding, but the tricky part was getting the 6 year old on board so that both kids could have the same bedtime routine and be put to bed in the same room, at the same time and by one person.
Richelle came armed with a clear and concise plan, a routine that was tailored to work just for our family. It was great to have someone outside of our family come in and make sure we were all on the same page and that we knew what needed to be done to make changes and make them work. My husband did the first two nights so that we could break the breastfeeding and sleep association and then I was able to take turns with him putting our 2 year old to bed. By about night 4 we put our 6 year old back into the room.....with strict instructions not to engage with her little brother and away we went. Each night got easier and easier and within a week we had them both going off to sleep at the same time in the same room. AMAZING! Thanks to Richelle we now have our evenings back. I have even started to read books again.......grown up books, not nursery rhymes! Richelle, thank you so much........we cannot recommend you highly enough! Sarah :) xx

—Sarah Cole 1/6/2018


I highly recommend Richelle to everyone!! I was lucky enough to have Richelle as my midwife in Birth Suite with my second baby girl. With my initial first call with Richelle I immediately felt relief that she completely understood the problems I was having with my toddler and newborn, I felt so reassured and couldn't wait for her to come over and start our process with sleep training.
When Richelle came over we discuss everything in detail and she gave me an individual plan for both girls. I immediately felt relieved and confident in everything she was saying.
My toddler would always call out for over an hour before going down to bed and then would always come into our bed during the night. Once in our bed she would consistently wake up for her dummy or bottle...she had never slept a night without waking and she is almost 3yrs old.
Within the 2nd night of sticking to Richelle plan she slept in her own bed without getting up...she now sleeps from 7 to 7 without waking up! I have also noticed my daughters behaviour has completely changed and she is a happy and well behaved little girl, thanks to Richelle. Richelle also gave me a plan to help my newborn girl...she would consistently cry from 7pm to 11pm...she would also wake up every hour at night and hardly slept during the day, I would always feed and hold her to sleep...I felt completely lost as to what to do. After following Richelle's plan my newborn girl sleeps from 7/7:30pm to 7am. She only wakes up once a night for a few minutes for a small feed!I feel so much more in control as a new mother of two. Our whole household is happy as we are all getting better sleep.
Richelle saved us! I cannot recommend her enough! Her methods really do work!!

—Elisse Puglia 24/4/2018


Richelle helped toughen me up to get my little one sleeping right. Our Ada is a very alert newborn and by 9 weeks old she was barely napping during the day. I felt like I was just bouncing her for ages to just get her drowsy then she would wake the moment I put her down in her cot. My nerves had hit my limit.
So through a recommendation from a friend, I contacted Richelle who helped guide me through the necessary steps to get my little one sleeping. The first few days were tough and I think I cried as much as she did. But for those few tough days, sticking to Richelle's guide as best I could, the results now are 100% worth the effort. Ada now naps, we have gotten onto a pretty regular routine and we are all the better for it.
It's never too soon to start training your little one as we have learned. Good habits early on will pay off in the long term. Many thanks Richelle

—Jacqueline Donnelly 25/3/2018


Best decision ever! I went to Masada with baby number one and when number two came along I had no idea how to tackle the sleep deprivation and exhaustion, especially with my husband overseas!! No waiting periods it was easy! Richelle was incredibly supportive and most importantly provided a calm atmosphere for my family home. Her approach is gentle and in so many ways so much better than going to hospital for Sleep School. Once Richelle helped get my confidence back it was smooth sailing! This time I did not have the anxiety of having to go back home and change everything as Richelle works her magic in the environment of your own home. Highly recommend Sleep right tonight!

—Nicola Fernando 24/3/2018


Couldn't Thank Richelle enough for the help and support she provided for us with our 2.5 year old and her sleeping. We went from fighting bedtime every night for hours to asleep after 5 minutes within 2-3 nights! Highly recommend - her approach and knowledge is so reassuring and has helped everyone in our house finally get a good nights sleep!

—Elizabeth Cappell 23/3/2018


Richelle helped us with our second child. Florence went from catnapping daily and frequently night waking to a baby who self settles all sleeps, has nice long naps and wakes happy and sleeps through the night 11 hour stretches at 3 months old.
We could not be happier and more thankful!!

—Rilla Healey 20/3/2018


Richelle is amazing! She helped my 14 month old daughter to sleep in her cot for the first time for 11 hours the first night. I had been co-sleeping out of necessity to get sleep since she was 4 months old and I always thought that the process to get her to sleep by herself, in her own room, would be a nightmare. As it turns out, that could not have been further from the truth. Richelle has a beautiful and calming presence and had our daughter sleeping peacefully on the first night in her cot before we normally got her to bed. Richelle is very generous and I always felt like our daughter and we were in very good hands. She even read a bedtime story to both of our girls and they both loved her. Richelle had our daughter sleeping 11-12 hours overnight within two nights at our house and helped us lengthen her day naps via phone calls over the following few weeks. I finally have my nights back to have free time to myself and spend quality time with my husband. i have caught up on sleep and feel like me again thanks to Richelle. My daughter has flourished now that she is sleeping more soundly and she started walking within weeks of sleeping through the night. She loves bedtime now and even babysitters comment on how easy she is to put to bed. I put off calling a sleep consultant for a long time because I wasn't sure how it would work and I didn't know who to turn to. If I had known how easy and pleasant the whole experience with Richelle would be, I would have called her so much earlier. Thank you so much Richelle!

—Stephanie Hamm Payne 7/3/2018

Richelle was fantastic! All her tips worked and finally our son is sleeping through, yay!

—Shay Shurman 9/2/2018


My paediatrician recommended Richelle when I was having trouble getting my 3 year old boy and 9 month old girl to sleep through the night. My 3 year old boy was never a good sleeper and was taking longer and longer to get to sleep and was waking more frequently throughout the night. This included uncontrollable crying and night terrors. My 9 month old girl had previously slept through the night but was going backwards and increasing the number of night wakings and feedings. Her day sleeps were also as short as 20 mins. From the first phone call with Richelle i knew she was right for us. Friendly, informative and very capable. Richelle asked for minimal information so I was surprised when we met her in person that she was able to compile an easy schedule that was personalised for each child. I was sceptical about the level of success that it would provide. After 1-2 nights we saw a HUGE improvement in the sleeping patterns of both children. My 9 month old was having 1-2 hour days sleeps twice a day and sleeping most of the night. If she woke it wasn't for long and took herself back to sleep. My 3 year old was easy to settle in bed for a FULL nights sleep. AMAZING. Richelle's easy to follow schedule and support provided us with the right tools and confidence to tackle my little ones sleep problems. I have since used these tools when their sleep has been compromised due to coughs and colds. What makes it all worthwhile is how happy my kids are. No more night terrors and bad moods for our 3 year old and no more 20 minute day sleeps for my little girl. THANK YOU RICHELLE!

—Catherine Garde 6/2/2018

After months of my 1 year old waking 3-5 times per night and work looming closer and closer I called Richelle! I wanted my son to be able to sleep well overnight for his development but also for my sanity when I returned to work!! Richelle was fantastic and so accessible. We booked Richelle for an overnight consult and we feel it was worth every penny! I really appreciated her constant support over the following 3 weeks and was commitment and dedication to the program by boy is sleeping 11-12 hours per night! We couldn't be more happy with the outcome x

—Cathrine Carison 6/2/2018


Thank you Richelle for your expertise, advice, guidance and support. We've gone from 3-4 hours of broken & restless sleep, to 12 solid hours per night just by implementing a few simple steps and following your ongoing directions.

—Lachlan Quirk 30/1/2018


My 8 month old was waking 8-10 times a night to jump on the boob. After a hideous time with bronchiolitis and affects for 2 months, latching on the boob to clear his airways, unfortunately became habit, and he was waking every hour. Sleeping in my bed after initially being put down in his cot because I was so exhausted. Again I know it's cliche, but Richelle has changed my life!! In 3 nights may I add, with a baby who also isn't 100% and has had a temp. I was so skeptical prior to speaking with her. Everything I probably knew I needed to do, but Just needed that little push and educated advice that I knew I could trust that what I was doing was ok, not confusing my bub my changing strategies when one wouldn't work, & not waking my 2 year old with cry it out methods. After only 3 nights he only woke once last night, & settled himself back to sleep! Tonight I am expecting he will sleep straight through. I am a new woman!! Thank you sooo much!! Don't delay and call this lifesaver!!

—Bel Cross 25/1/2018


I called Richelle after months of constant night wake ups, desperate not to wake our 3yo up we would run in and resettle him, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes hours. My husband and I took shifts with him, depending on who had the biggest workload on at work that week...we did whatever we could to get through. We were beyond exhausted and both our careers and quality of life was seriously suffering! I knew I had to call someone, and Richelle was the woman! After a good chat and a new routine set up by Richelle, we set aside 5 days of summer holidays to get this right!
It took 3 nights!! Richelle was fantastic, the most amazing support team you could need. Always on the text, checking in each morning, helping to rationalise every change in behaviour and give explanations.We now have a much happier 1 year old, and 2 parents that are getting uninterrupted sleep, bliss!
Thank-you Richelle for re-setting our family, words cannot express how grateful we are...K, G, A & L xx

—Kate Habersberger 23/1/2018

Do yourself a favour and call Richelle!!! My 9 mo kept waking every hour during the night. Would only settle back to sleep with a breastfeed. He even started waking from his day nap after 45mins so he could have a feed and go back to sleep. I was beyond, exhausted, extremely cranky & emotional as a result of not sleeping. Called Richelle and after she came out for a consult, my lo slept right through the night from 7-7, only waking once, but settled back to sleep very easily! So I've implemented her recommendations and now he sleeps well at night and even his day naps have improved. I never knew a baby could sleep this well. If only I knew of Richelle when I had my first born. At 4 yo she still continues to wake up at night. I didn't want this to happen with the baby. So I had to get help. So glad I found Richelle!

—Dorothy Agnew 28/12/2017


We went from restless co-sleeping and tantrums even walking near the cot... to peaceful sleep 12 hours a night. The transition was so fast and much less stressful than I expected. Happy baby and happy parents!!

—Ellie Bear 4/12/2017


I originally contacted Richelle to help out with the timing of my catnapping 8 month old daughter's day naps - she needed three naps a day because they were only 30 minutes long! She was waking 4-5 times per night but I just thought that was normal and that she would eventually grow out of it. Richelle showed me how to stop the night wakes and lengthen the day naps!! After two nights using Richelle's advice my daughter had her first day nap of 1.5 hours and slept through without waking 6.30pm-6.30am! I'm annoyed now that I listened to all those people who normalised night waking. Richelle's methods are gentle and clear. I always knew what to do and at no point did I feel my daughter was distraught. I really feel like my daughter was trying her hardest to link her sleep cycles, she just needed to be shown that she could. I tell everyone that I can about Richelle and her methods! Please don't wait to get the advice you need to enable good sleep!! Don't feel guilty for wanting a good nights sleep for your baby and you! I know I'll be contacting Richelle and letting her know the due date for my next baby so she can walk me through what to do right from the start!

—Alison Radford 29/12/2017


Richelle is absolutely amazing!
Our 2.5yr old had not slept well since she was about 3 mths old, waking at least twice a night, sometimes more, and being difficult to get to sleep at night. I had tried pretty much everything, including ‘sleep school.'
Richelle had some really great ideas that we implemented straight away- despite sickness twice in those first few weeks, we stuck to it and came out with such great success!
We are all loving and thriving from the 12hour sleep we get every single night!!! Thank you Richelle, your ideas and support were great, and you saved us!

—Leesa Hazell 1/11/2017


To say Richelle has changed our lives is an understatement! Our 9 month old had been waking 5-10 times every. single. night. since birth and I was beyond exhausted. After speaking to Richelle on the phone I instantly felt she was the right person to help; as not only a Sleep consultant, but a Mum and a midwife I knew we were in great hands. I was still honestly very skeptical that our son would actually sleep through the whole night..... However...... after implementing all of Richelles advice he actually did it!! And has done it almost every night since! Bliss. Richelle provided me with tremendous support and was only ever a phone call or text away whenever I needed advice. I highly recommend Richelle to anyone struggling with their child's sleep as we were, my only regret is not finding her sooner.

—Jenna Sarpa 31/10/2017


We have an almost one year old who was a chronic early waker (4am starts). Richelle's advice was very doable and her support was amazing. Even when i was emailing her at 4:30am ready to give up, she gave me the confidence to keep going. This morning after only 1.5 weeks after speaking with Richelle bub has woken at 7am!!! Very happy family over here, thank you!

—Chloe Zanker 24/10/2017


When our daughter turned 2, her sleeping started to become inconsistent. She was having noisy nighttime wakings lasting 2-2.5 hrs, nap times during the day were 30mins-1.5hrs and she was very grizzly and moody during the day. This went on every day and night and lasted a few months. After a particularly bad night, and being 30 weeks pregnant at the time, we knew this couldn't go on and that we needed help. The next day, I put out a post on Facebook asking for recommendations ...for a sleep consultant. Richelle posted her details and qualifications so I contacted her for a chat. We organised a date to meet for the following week and saw amazing results in the first few days after her visit, which have gotten better and better as the weeks have gone on. Richelle is approachable, friendly and professional. Her approach is firm but loving, realistic and achievable. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you Richelle for restoring peace in our home!

—Jacinda McGregor 9/10/2017


Richelle is an incredible midwife who gave me great advice on my post partum difficulties. She made a very vulnerable time seem so very much safer and impacted my recovery in a hugely positive way. Can't recommend her highly enough. 

—Sharon Pakir Krygger 14/7/2017


I highly recommend Richelle if your baby has any sleep difficulties. We were having terrible trouble getting our baby to sleep at night. It was taking 3-5 hours everyday, pacing around in a dark room. I barely saw my partner as we had to eat dinner in shifts. This came as a surprise as our first baby had been a good sleeper. Within a week of following Richelle's advice our baby was asleep within 5 mins and sleeping 12 hours at night. We couldn't believe it. The first night was tough, but Richelle was on call to give us advice and encouragement which made a huge difference. We found Richelle to be very responsive, caring and experienced so knew we were in good hands. Thanks again Richelle for all your help and support. We have our nights back, and more importantly a happy and well rested baby.

—Amanda Strong 10/7/2017


My daughter is 8 months old and since birth I have had to rock her to sleep in my arms, for each nap and before bed and whilst it is lovely holding her and having that bonding time it was getting difficult to get anything done or just have some me-time. She would nap in my arms for hours and if I ever tried to put her down her nap would last 15 minutes. I reached out to Richelle and began the SleepSense programme and haven't looked back, i now have a guarantee of 2 x 1.5 hour naps a day and a bed time of 6:30pm and knowing she will have a solid 12 hour sleep with no intervention from me. This programme really works and we have never been happier - thank you. 

—Natalie Angeline 2/5/2017


I have worked with Richelle for many years. She is a wonderful midwife and mother. She is professional, sensible, down to earth and very compassionate. As the mother of 2 young children she was both the professional qualifications and professional wisdom and personal experience to help new mums (and repeat mum with more 'challenging' younger siblings) to settle their loveable little rascals and help mums build 'mothering' confidence.

—Dr Amber Moore Obstertician/Gynaecologist 25/3/2017

If you're exhausted from broken sleep, do yourself a favour and contact Richelle. Our daughter was going through the 4 month regression and waking every 2 hours of a night time. Two months of no sleep and my husband and I were dreading going to bed. With Richelle's help and follow up support we transitioned our daughter into her cot in her own room. She was never left to cry it out and from night 3 was sleeping through the night. We were sceptical before booking but once we spoke to Richelle we were at ease. Thank you for all the ongoing support and best of all- thanks for a good night's sleep!

—Jessica Clark


Whilst we weren't quite at breaking point when we met with RIchelle, we were certainly headed that way with the four month regression fast approaching. Richelle came for our in home consult with an aura of calm and a simple and practical approach for us to follow. We followed her advice to the letter, made the most of her daily phone calls and now have a 6 month old who sleeps soundly. He no longer needs the dummy or to be rocked for hours on end to go to sleep. We could not recommend her highly enough. Thanks you Richelle!

—The Spencer-Gardner family

Richelle helped us getting back our night sleep with her gentle approach to sleep coaching. She helped us getting our 7 months old on a good day routine and gave us tools to move forward and to deal with a change of routine if needed. We couldn't thank you enough Richelle.

—Meital Davidson

We decided to contact Richelle when our boy/girl twins were 14 months old and we found out we were expecting baby #3. Our little boy especially was a really bad sleeper and we thought Richelle had her work cut out for her. We were lucky to be getting 4 hours a night sleep.
My partner was quite sceptical of the whole thing and told that to her when we met. To his surprise, within 3 days, the both kids started sleeping 12 hours through the night, napping in the day and we took away their dummies. When I spoke to Richelle in the mornings I did not know what to say to her. I was totally lost for words as the results we so amazing. I don't know why we waited so long to make that call. We will definitely not wait that long to call Richelle with our next baby.
Richelle is lovely and her on going support after we meet was great.
We highly recommend Richelle at Sleep Right Tonight. Don't wait to make that call...just do it.

—Laura Cini

After 8 months of waking anywhere from 5 times a night (on a good night), we were beyond exhausted and contacted Richelle. Before we worked with Richelle, we would have to cuddle our boy to sleep and back to sleep, which could take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour. More recently he was also waking at 4am and wanting to be up for the day. After meeting with Richelle we were ready to get our sleep back. The first night was difficult but once asleep he only woke a couple of times on the first night and then all the way through! We went through a few rough nights in the next few weeks, (which were due to developmental milestones) and then he was back on track and sleeping all the way through. Something we never thought possible! Richelle is very approachable and any further questions we have had, she has been happy to help!

—Sarah Osborn

Before contacting Richelle we were struggling to get more than a few hours sleep a night and barely any sleep during the day. We were skeptical of sleep training, thinking the reviews are too good to be true or would involve leaving our 12 week old baby to scream alone for hours on end. That's absolutely not what we found. After the first night we saw a huge improvement in sleep, using very gentle techniques. We couldn't believe it. Richelle is amazing!

—Samantha Thompson

Why did I not come back for Mr #2 earlier to Richelle?? Richelle worked with me with my 2.5 yr old daughter and then my Son.
I waited 400 sleepless nights (fool)
After night 2 of Richelle's assistance (magic) my son slept through! Could not believe it, she did tell me it was an easy process and it certainly was! I Would highly recommend Richelle to everyone!! She's made me feel human again!!

—Dimi Topp

Richelle has changed our lives! I can't believe we waited so long.
Our daughter Olivia struggled with silent reflux and Cows Milk Protein Intolerence and took until 6 months to get it dignosed and under control. During this time we had many sleepless nights, we were rocking her to sleep, sleeping with her upright on us, fed to sleep multiple times a night... you name it! Once the reflux was under control, we found that we had created some bad habits and it was taking longer and longer to get Olivia to sleep and when she did, she was catnapping (sometimes for only 10 minutes) and waking up multiple times a night. We had one very overtirred household. When Olivia was 7 months old, one of our amazing friends saw the struggle and contacted Richelle on our behalf and gave us Richelle's details. Thank god she did! We had a sykpe consult with Richelle were we went through our new sleep plan. The changes that she was suggesting were almost too easy and I given the struggle of the last 7 months I thought that it was almost too easy and wouldn't work. Well she proved me wrong. By night two Olivia slept 12hrs and 45 minutes! the longest she has ever slept. Since then Olivia is no longer rocked to sleep and settles herself in her cot. Her naps during the day are so much longer and she sleeps between 10.5 to 11.5 hours each night! We are now one very happy and well rested household.
Richelle's constant support and advice throughout our journey has been truely amazing and I would highly reccommend her to anyone.

—Sally Gallina

After 10 months of my son waking up 3-4 times per night I finally called Richelle after a friend recommended her. I must admit there was apart of me that thought nobody would be able to help, that was until I met Richelle. Richelle is so warm, kind and confident in her methods that she instantly made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. After folllowing her tailored plan written specifically for my son, it took 4 days and my son, Samuel was sleeping right through the night, from 7pm until 7:30am. My only regret is that I didn't contact Richelle sooner.

—Brodie Barton

Thanks to Richelle we are all sooooo much happier getting sleep ! Her advice was specific and easy to follow , worked from day 1 !!! Can't believe how easily my daughter now goes to bed and stays there . This has been life changing to our family and I recommend to anyone having sleep issues with their kids.

—Michelle Rosenbach

Thankyou so much Richelle for all your advice & assistance with our gorgeous twins, having both of them now sleeping through the night & for the 2 of us getting sleep aswell is just amazing. All the hard work & persistence definitely paid off in the end!

—Melissa Larsen

Before meeting Richelle I was feeding, tapping & shushing my son to sleep. After 10mths of very little sleep overnight & no rest throughout the day, it was becoming exhausting. Richelle took the time to understand our situation & with her expert advise we were sleeping through the night from the second night. Day sleeps have also come a very long way- my Son is now having two long restful naps. Now 1 month in as a family we are well rested & our son is able to self soothe himself to sleep and when he wakes during the night. Thank you Richelle for your support & helping our family!

—Anna Liu

Dear Richelle,
The tiredness feeling is still fresh in my memory. My emotional and physical health was affected by lack of sleep since the little one came into my world. Thanks so much for teaching and leading me on the baby sleep development path. Thanks for assisting me in my new chapter in life. Thanks for saving me from my baby blues or any post partum depressions in my extremely tired darkenss. Thanks for being a mother to understand me and help me start to feel the joy of having my own child. Wish all new mums could meet you when they begin their loving Mummy and baby journey, especially the new Mums who have no support, we are not alone when we have you.
"A new day is on the horizon"
Yours sincerely from a new Mum,

—Wai Man Lau

A big thanks to Richelle for helping the whole family get more sleep... The gentle reassurance and regular phone calls help ensured we stayed on track while we reset our 9 month old son's sleep habits and he now naps better and regularly sleeps through the night.

—Shelley Dour

Richelle was both professional and approachable from the first contact I had with her. Richelle displayed a high level of empathy and demonstrated experience (some personal) in the "problem" areas I initially described to her. Richelle was reassuring and gave me hope that I could change my situation and apply new techniques and interventions that I was unaware of. I also felt that Richelle was genuine and this was a huge factor for me in my decision to proceed with her support.
Richelle has a very calming manner and presence. I knew from my first meeting with her that everything was going to be ok! I also felt very supported and that she "got" my challenges and was confident in offering advice and solutions to my challenges. Richelle is very down to earth and was never judgemental – just supportive which was what I needed. She also took control and made me feel as though I could let go a bit as I knew she was available to me.
Richelle is a lovely person and I would happily recommend her services to other people. She saved my life! I was grateful that Richelle acknowledged the positive things I had already achieved and implemented with both my children myself prior to engaging her services – this validated the fact I had at least tried and succeeded successfully in some areas. With her support and new strategies offered, I was able to move forward and feel far more positive in general. It should not be underestimated how important a role Richelle played for me in being able to meet my emotional needs AS WELL AS the practical advice and support offered. This was missing for me and crucial in my journey at the point of contact with her. I will be forever grateful.

—Brigid Cooke.