Hi, I’m Richelle, and I’m excited about helping your family begin their journey to a full night’s sleep!

As a mother of two young children, I remember all too well that overwhelming feeling of a baby that doesn’t sleep well. At some time we’ve all had that dreaded feeling of “how am I going to do this, and when will I sleep again?”

I have a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery. For over 16 years I have worked as a Midwife in both Public and Private Hospitals. My experiences include working in all areas; Birthing Suites, Post Natal Services and Special Care Nursery.

After the Sleep Sense Program changed my family’s life, I made it my ambition to help other families achieve that feeling of a great night’s sleep. With so much growth and learning in the first years of life and the new challenges that each day presents, a personalised routine and sleep plan can make your life so much more manageable!

I use the proven, gentle methods of the Sleep Sense Program to teach your baby/toddler to self settle and sleep through the night. At no time would I ever advise you to put your baby to bed and let them ‘cry it out’. My packages include in-home consultations, email and telephone support, and overnight in-home stays. I customise my packages to suit the needs of your family.

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