Sleep Right Tonight Guide: The 4 Month Sleep Regression

Sleep Right Tonight Guide: The 4 Month Sleep Regression

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Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm. Every night and at every nap, sleep recharges the brain's battery. If your family is like the many i've helped over the last year, then you're probably exhausted. Sleep deprivation can take a huge toll on both of you as parents but also your baby. 

The four month mark can be especially tricky for some parents, which is why I created this ebook guide. Between 4-6 months of age, a baby's night time sleep cycles shorten to 2 hours in length. This is why many babies around this age wake more frequently overnight. If a baby relies on a prop such as feeding, rocking or patting to fall asleep they can begin needing you to resettle the same way every two hours when they rouse between sleep cycles. 

Babies and toddlers are capable of learning only what we teach them. If babies aren't taught to fall asleep on their own, we cant blame them for crying out for us when they wake in the middle of the night. If a baby has learnt to fall asleep independently they are less likely to need you to resettle them. 

I began my career as a Certified Sleep Consultant in order to connect with the thousands of new parents out there who are struggling day to day with a baby who doesn't sleep well. In fact, one of the main reasons i decided to write these articles was that so many of my clients have told me that they have purchased countless books that promise to have your little one sleeping soundly, or googled sleep advice - only to discover that they haven't made any difference. The reality is, if there was a no fail solution to getting your child to sleep through the night, all parents everywhere would be rested and nobody would need my help. 

Some babies will learn in just a night or two, others will take a little longer. But the sooner you get started, the sooner everyone will be sleeping through the night. I can guarantee that everyone in your family will be much happier and well rested! 

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