Bedtime Support Package

Bedtime Support Package

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In-person sleep and settling guidance using gentle, proven methods, paired with tailored support. 

This package is perfect for parents who want an extra level of support and in-person guidance during the first night of implementing sleep changes. It can also be booked for multiple nights to ensure you have the level of support you require to achieve the healthy sleep habits you're seeking.


So, how does it work?

First, we have a free fifteen-minute phone consultation where we discuss your little one's current sleep pattern or schedule, the challenges you're facing, and what type of changes to their sleep would positively impact you and your family. You are also sent a questionnaire to fill out, which further helps me to understand where you're at and what your goals for this process are. 

We set a date for the consultation, and in the meantime I put together a detailed, age-appropriate sleep plan for your child, including daytime nap and overnight sleep schedules, different strategic approaches for wakings, and crucial awake time and sleep insights for your little one's stage of development.

I arrive for your private in-home consultation at 6pm, in time to do the full bedtime routine together. 

I know that bedtime can be especially tricky for parents, so with this package I provide step-by-step, in-person guidance and support to facilitate making the necessary changes to your child's sleep on the first night of our sleep support package. I'm there in the room with you, talking you through the process and what to do. With my hands-on approach and gentle guidance, together we will get your little one sleeping through the night.

Once your little one is asleep, we then sit down together to discuss their sleep patterns and habits, and go through the sleep plan, articles and sleep info packet in detail. I explain exactly what changes we will be making and why, and how we will implement these changes over the coming days. This specifically includes a prepared approach to overnight sleep and naps for the following day so you are confident and empowered to keep that positive momentum right from the start.

You receive the sleep plan and all crucial documents in writing, so you have your own copy to refer to – this helps take the pressure off having to remember what to do as well! I also include a nursery analysis, observing baby's sleep set-up and making recommendations for how to improve your little one's sleep environment for optimal sleep.

After our consultation, you have access to three weeks of daily follow-up support. This means I am there to support and offer guidance for three full weeks after the initial first night – no going it alone! This is often a big factor in the success of my sleep support programs.

The next morning following our in-home consult, we speak on the phone to debrief how the rest of the night went for baby. From there we speak each Monday and Thursday to see how things are progressing. This frequent check-in helps provide consistent support and guidance while you build your confidence and your little one's routine solidifies.

In these weeks, I am available each morning to answer questions about your little one's sleep and how they are taking to their new routine, to motivate and encourage you along the way. I celebrate the wins with you, and I help troubleshoot any unexpected changes to help guide you towards even better results. 


I know how scary it can feel to commit to making a change, especially when you're sleep deprived and just making it through the day. With in-person support at bedtime, I help make that first night transition calm and smooth, and with my consistent follow-up support, you will have all the tools you need to cultivate healthy sleep habits for your whole family. 


 Make a booking to start your journey to better sleep today. 




I currently service the Phillip Island area only for bedtime packages – please contact me prior to booking if you are outside this area. Thank you! 

Once your consultation has been purchased, Richelle will be in contact to book at a time that suits you. Once your booking has been confirmed, if cancellation is made within 48 hours of consultation time, 50% of the purchase price will be forfeited.


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