Baby Toddler Package

Baby Toddler Package

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Sleep and settling guidance and support for children between 12 weeks and 3 years old.

This package is perfect for those needing help and direction to get their family into healthy sleep habits. 


What you get:

FREE fifteen-minute phone consultation where we discuss your little one's current sleep pattern or schedule

  • A 60-90 minute Video consultation where we will discuss your child's sleep patterns, go through the sleep plan and sleep articles in length and prepare you for night one of making  changes. 
  • A detailed, age appropriate sleep plan for your child, including daytime nap and overnight schedules, and strategies for wakings.
  • Nursery analysis and recommendations 
  • Three weeks of daily, personalised follow-up support


How it works: 

After your initial phone consultation, we have a video consultation to discuss the plan and your child's sleep in detail. We'll spend at least an hour talking about what's working and what's not and we will chat about any questions or concerns you have so you feel 100% confident going into night one.  

Then together we go through detailed sleep plan for your child, including instructions and guidance on how to handle night time sleep, night waking, and nap-time. This is the first step to implementing good sleep habits and building a solid foundation to work from. 

I also observe the baby's nursery and provide tips and hints if any areas could be changed or improved to help your child sleep best.

Over the following three weeks, I check in with you daily to discuss each day's progress, and to answer any questions that may arise as you follow your sleep plan. I am on-hand to troubleshoot unexpected changes, answer questions, motivate, and celebrate the sleep wins with you.



Once your consultation has been purchased, Richelle will be in contact to book at a time that suits you. Once confirmed, if cancellation is made within 48 hours of the consultation time, 50% of the purchase price will be forfeited.

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