Helping Jess Dempsey and her family get to sleep!


Recently, I had the opportunity to help Jess Dempsey and her family with their sleep needs! What blew me away was how lovely and down to earth this amazing woman was. Her endorsement of my sleep services made me feel incredible, and I'm so glad to have been able to help them. Some words Jess penned about her sleep experience with Sleep Right Tonight below! x, Richelle


It took me a long time to finally commit to getting a sleep consultant. As a third time mum, I didn't have the opportunity to go to a sleep school but I knew that I needed help and it was finally time, after one year of not sleeping through at all, that I needed to find someone to help me.

I am a fashion/lifestyle/motherhood blogger with a large social media following and when I mentioned to my audience that I was thinking of finding a sleep consultant, I was offered many free opportunities. As tempting as this sounded, this is something very personal to me and I wanted to make sure I chose the right person to come into my house, that I would feel comfortable with, had been recommended and of course, like their approach.

To me, this meant I was not going to accept a free offer.


I found Richelle from Sleep Right Tonight on Instagram and after a few people recommended her (one being a kinder mum who had her as a midwife in her daughters deliver and actually named her daughter after her!)  my gut told me that she was the one.

From the moment I contacted her and she responded instantly (no mum likes to wait) I knew this was going to be a great relationship. Our first phone call she got to know me and my son, I had a weight lifted off my shoulder just from that chat.


Richelle arrived at my home for our sleep stay and just as her voice on the phone, she was as warm and comforting in person. She got to meet my family, she listened and gave us options on how we most felt comfortable in our sleep training approach. We loved her gentle approach and it worked best for us and for our baby. 

It was only ten days later that my son was sleeping twelve hours. Wow! I didn't know myself.


What I loved most was the follow up phone calls and invaluable support.  I could ask any questions such as transitioning from two to one sleep, and she guided me through this. She also had our plan which included how many sleeps he needed and for how long and the steps to sleep training all written down for us to refer to.


I felt rested, I felt confident and we had a much happier baby and house hold. Yes, when Freddie is unwell he likes to forget how to sleep through the night, but thanks to Richelle's customised sleep plan and advice,  I know the steps to use to get him back on track. 


I cannot recommend Richelle enough! I have referred all my friends and my followers and I am so glad that I chose her and I could proudly share my amazing sleep training journey to my audience. 

Jess Dempsey (Mum of 3, Fashion/lifestyle/parenting blogger)

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