Online Sleep Consultation

Online Sleep Consultation

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This package is perfect for those who have already had success with sleep training methods, but are looking for some additional advice, or who's little one's sleep has regressed.

What you get:

  • FREE fifteen-minute phone consultation where we discuss your little one's current sleep pattern or schedule
  • A detailed, customised sleep plan for your child 
  • One week of online follow-up support (up to 15 emails)

How it works:

In your free fifteen-minute consultation we discuss your child's sleep history and current routine.

Based on this, I put together a customised sleep plan for your child, including detailed instructions and guidance on how to handle night waking, naptime, or any specific problems you may be facing.

Over the following week I provide support and guidance via email to discuss your child's progress and any questions that may arise as you follow your customised sleep plan.


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